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So you want to start a freeskate club?

First of all: "YES! Awesome!"

There's nothing more fun than learning to freeskate with friends. You'll learn faster, and you'll have approximately 100x more fun doing it! In this blog I will be sharing some experiences from myself and others, and giving you all the resources and know-how to go out and start your own freeskate club!

First: Write it down!

Do some day dreaming and envision some fun events and activities your club can do. These can be as simple as weekly meetups or lessons. Here's some examples of great club activities:

  • Host weekly/monthly lessons on campus. You can bring extra freeskates for passerby's to use, whether you acquired them with club funding, or just borrowed them from freeskating friends that can't make it to the meetup.

  • Do spontaneous rollouts. As a student, you're the most capable of knowing when classes are getting way too real, and you and your fellow students need to take a load off, and roll out. You'll want to have an email list or other contact list to announce these kinds of events, because it's not as if you can put up a flyer for a rollout happening in an hour!

  • One of the biggest events my college freeskate club organized was a group lesson for all of the admitted students on admitted student demo day. Admissions offices love eye-catching and fun activities that can entice prospective students to their college.

Next, assemble your team:

Go around and tell some friends about freeskating, and ask if they'd sign up to join. Remember, club members don't have to already know how to freeskate, they just have to be interested. You'll want to have a good amount of sign ups at this stage, because it helps strengthen your case when you're asking to form an official school club.

Now, make it official:

Every school has a different process, so do a little research or ask around. Maybe you can go to a club fair at the start of your semester to get more interested recruits!


Here at JMKRIDE, we LOVE school freeskating clubs. Both myself (Jeff) and Gabe discovered freeskating through our college clubs, and we maintain very fond memories of them. So when it comes to working together with JMKRIDE, you'll be getting the best service and the best deals! Every deal is unique, but in the past we've done steep bulk discount prices, free complete set donations to the club's inventory, and even taken trips out to campus to meet the skaters!

Thanks for reading!

Starting a freeskating club is a difficult process, but it's incredibly rewarding! Reach out through social media, or on our website's contact page, and I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have about this process!

Roll With Us!

- Jeff

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Alessio Lupo
Alessio Lupo
Mar 24, 2022

Jeff thank you for all 😍


Daven Rees
Daven Rees
Sep 30, 2021

And if you’re going to Iowa State University! Definitely check the Iowa State club webpage to learn more about it :))

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