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Let's get you rolling with us.


If you're here, you've probably realized that learning to freeskate is no walk in the park. But worry not! 

We at JMKRIDE are all about our community, which means YOU!

We've catered this page to be your one-stop-shop to bring you from wobbly beginner, to a hill-climbing, slope-surfing freeskate master.


Here you'll find in-depth video tutorials, and learning resources to get you help if you find yourself stuck!

Be patient and persistent. Give yourself a few days, a healthy portion of elbow grease,

and before you know it, we guarantee you'll be able to...


Step 1: Get your gear.

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Along with your JMKRIDE Freeskates, we recommend having protective gear like a helmet and knee pads. 

Please read our full safety instructions here.

Step 2: Find your spot.

Some key ingredients to the ideal freeskate dojo are:

  • Smooth and wide-open concrete/asphalt (avoid traffic!)

  • Slight downhill slope (you won't be able to propel yourself from day 1)

  • A fence (or a friend!) to hold onto.

Step 3: Watch and learn!


a) Overview & Introduction to Freeskating!

    * This is a great overall summary video and it's perfect to get you started right away! *

b) [In-depth] Getting Started and Going Downhill!

c) [In-depth] Self-propulsion and Going Uphill!

d) [Optional] Learn some fun tricks to challenge yourself and impress your friends!

Step 4: Don't give up!

We at JMKRIDE are truly in it for the sport. We aren't satisfied with selling you a pair of skates that are going to gather dust in a closet! We want our customers to feel they have all the instruction and resources available for them to learn to ride our skates. We moderate several communities and inboxes to get you the help you deserve.

When reaching out, the best way to help us and others help you is to include video of your best run, even if it's just a quick shot from a cell phone propped up on a rock. 

Learning Resources:


Our learning-focused Facebook Community:


#1 Recommended:

Maybe it's uncomfortable to post in a group, but you'll get better help from more perspectives, and you'll be helping future aspiring riders just like yourself!




Or reach out to us on social media:

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  • YouTube
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