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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Freeskates?

Freeskates are a unique type of skates made up of two separate unattached plates with two wheels each. You can think of freeskates as sideways rollerblades without the boot, but the feeling of riding freeskates is completely unique!

What is Freeskating?

Freeskating is a relatively new sport where the rider stands on two separate skates and rides them like sideways rollerblades but without the boot. The ride feel is very unique. It can be described as a hybrid of surfing, longboarding, snowboarding, and rollerblading.

Are Freeskates attached to your feet?

Freeskates are not actually attached to the rider's feet. When riding freeskates, the rider is only standing on grip tape and controlling the skates by rotating their legs and ankles. This increases safety because freeskaters can jump off the skates at any point if they lose their balance.

How do you learn Freeskates?

JMKRIDE has over an hour of tutorial content on their YouTube channel, and a dedicated page at

How long does it take to learn to Freeskate?

Learning to freeskate takes anywhere from days to a couple weeks, or 10-15 hours. The best way to learn is on a slight downhill slope on smooth concrete or asphalt. The time varies depending on your location, your skates, and how carefully you follow the instructions.

Are all Freeskates the same?

The JMKRIDE skate was created through three years of collaboration between the world's best freeskaters and top freeskate teachers. The result was a skate that is not only the preferred skate for experts, but beginners as well. Many other skate brands use low quality parts, bearings, and wheels, which can make learning a more difficult endeavor.

How hard are Freeskates to learn?

Freeskates have a similar learning curve to snowboarding or surfing. Freeskates are much easier to learn than a unicycle. Because they are not attached to the rider, with proper learning technique, it is possible to greatly reduce the risk of falls while learning. JMKRIDE has made a YouTube video on this topic, search 'freeskates safety.'

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