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JMKRIDE Wheels Comparison

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

What's up everybody! So we at JMKRIDE get asked this question a lot:

Proformance Wheels vs. Classic Wheels:

So I'd thought I'd use our super under-utilized platform of the JMKRIDE blog to explain just that! Proformance vs. Classic. Let's go!

The basics:

Our patented "proformance" wheels are rounded on the surface which contacts the ground whereas classic wheels are square. Both the wheels are the same width and height, and they are both symmetrical about the hub, which is very important and unlike most other longboard/skateboard wheels.

The backstory:

Back in the early (earlier!) days of freeskating, all the wheels were classic wheels. After being ridden for a while, the wheels would naturally round themselves. Mattie Tyce, one of our co-founders, discovered that the feel of the rounded wheels was way smoother.

Thus, when our co-founders were engineering what would eventually become our flagship product, the JMKRIDE freeskate, they decided to make it the smoothest riding freeskate ever made! Proformance was born!

The Proformance effect:

When you are an experienced rider, the difference is very apparent. The rounded surface means that less urethane is contacting the ground at any one time, which decreases friction and makes your turns and spins quicker and more responsive. On top of that, the rounded wheels actually induce a slight turn when the skates are leaning, so if you're one-footing or taking a really tight turn, the skates are helping you out. Overall, this just feels to a freeskater like a smoother, more responsive experience than square wheels.

Proformance wheels are our default wheel type when you go to buy a set. And most of our pros ride proformance wheels, so clearly, we've chosen a side. "But then, why sell both?", you may ask.

Why do some prefer classic wheels?

There's a few reasons why people still ride classic wheels. The biggest reason is probably a few select tricks where classic wheels either help or make the trick possible altogether. Kickflips, where the skate is flipped sideways aligned with the direction of the wheels, some say are easier with classic wheels because it helps align the skate and the flip to be perfectly sideways and upright each time. And tricks like 'ghost rider' where the skate rolls far on its own, are impossible to do on new proformance wheels, because the skate will fall over into a typical throwback slide position. But for that same reason, throwbacks are easier on proformance wheels.

Another reason people may prefer classic wheels is simple. People like what they are used to. If you're an OG rider from back in the day, you're used to the ride-feel of square wheels. Ain't no shame in the classic game! That's why we've got both!


Overall, for new riders, you're not going to be able to notice a huge difference right off the starting line. So don't fret it! But if you're curious to try something new, head on over to and get yourself a pair of whatever you want in whichever color you prefer!

Thanks for reading! ROLL WITH US!


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5 commentaires

Alessio Lupo
Alessio Lupo
24 mars 2022

I am a n00b

I am only one in my city, in my country, in my state

but only for now because in Italy I am ready to start


Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work 👍


Jonathan Skaggs
Jonathan Skaggs
15 sept. 2020

This is an awesome post! For someone who started freeskating earlier this year I appreciate knowing the difference between the two. Keep up the awesome work that you guys are doing!


Matthieu Delisle
Matthieu Delisle
14 sept. 2020

Nice post! I pretty much agree with all the things said. Keep it up!


Pearl Zou
Pearl Zou
14 sept. 2020

At first when I started free skating, I preferred riding with classic wheels. Eventually it occurred to me that I should be riding more with performance wheels to have that feeling of free riding (smoothly).

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